Sunday, September 20, 2009

In a River

Locks too many here left open for the metal shoe lost in there elsewhere automatic bad driving. Panel after another shock of red hair electric pulse in two dimensions, without your awkward gait in corporate parking lots. A lot of caffeine. Locks to play with or position in a sitting with him, move toward with permission. For those involved, joking about waves before he says good-bye. More confusing as a matter of fact to be before the pavement. The metal rim, its edges to notice. How can we talk so much with these stones in our mouths. Fleeting sink into black eyes, I always see traces of geography in the sky. As it was being written, they were afraid to do so in stone. To return to daylight, these are times it is incomprehensible, grasping. Cut from you as you long to have it grown. He worries about this being merely a consumption of images. Stay where you were. It's a matter of elision, the structure of thought. Then again, we could have been lost completely. Walking through empty neighborhoods. Eventually, copper wire generates a voice that sounds just like mine. Finally & so it is to be away from the noise. A light filtering in as I walk away. The fact is that a spider will do anything but waste time. Walking toward as it is away from. "Love is the message." This is not unidirectional. I think it may be the Milky Way rising but its nature is resolved otherwise. I have never known what to look for. It's nostalgia that is dangerous. Locked into a deadness that colors itself bland & disinterested. I end up losing more things. The cold scrutiny of car windows at night. Have a time that is troubling, worrisome. Then again, model trains. Everywhere I go, I leave a trail of smoke.

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