Friday, April 24, 2009


      Thinking is the thought of what is or is thinking or just thinking, 
or make it through. The words are tied up, in syntax to make it more
or less complicated like a vine that hangs
from nowhere lowered like a
parentheses to shunt off the cold or keep in a secret, make a too many
things to say

so separate, but be discrete about it.
Hardy har har.
He runs as though he
means it. All these scattered
lines like
such as rotting strawberries
or the sky
threatening to
burst open. All color.
The milk separates the
cinnamon, sugar
spiral in a bowl.
During or because
of the event, it’s all the same.
Terrified of linearity. We thank you for your patience.
Breaking with tradition was never easy for anyone because of its sheer
volume, or the way it always seemed to trace back or retract form
repeat as it focuses the question more on specificity than a variable
or exterior. Antecedents are yarrow sticks as well.
Should we be concerned with
the way punctuation
meanders but not
here only here and not here as though
one could see it in the mind.
Suffer from. Both
hands subjected to the same
Fate. Because tomorrow
we see what you’re
made of.

Somewhere Around

Made forcefully
the same across the nation.
affect this determination
based last week on “further remaining statutory
a violation of language
historically disfavored “similarly situated”
“equally suspect
with his “gut” against
strategic move.
“this is an issue that is intensely
personal, with strongly held beliefs and
convictions on both sides. But I am
“The outcome was not unexpected.
Worth Watching

forced to
a significant amount
lost its given service
not available elsewhere
,” she said “
a communication facility
a crossing guard in the furnishing
more than 10 years, faces numerous
The judge’s origin
the result of the public
outcry, “calm
the sex act
sneakers & clothing
underestimating gravity
working at a restaurant
possessing the corruption
of minors
one of whom
See News Briefing
who did not identify, however,
it somewhat important & about
not at all important
also may not have a universal meaning,
has gained momentum as the
is almost ingrained,”
part of urban vernacular
so sensationalized because people were grasping
for an explanation
how the individuals identify, and
that speculating
,” she said. “I think
wasting time
reflects men who are always
mean the desire for privacy or
discretion If you are not doing well
enroll in a new study.
Monetary compensation for your time & effort is provided.
Find help in the Home

revamping acceptance policies &
a media promotion weighing the creation
of spaces
use various communication channels,


with the goal of driving home
“He’s shocked. His feelings are hurt
deeply. He feels betrayed.”
“Such hate crimes are in desperate need of
of a federal response.
“Each year, first-hand
remove the existing requirement
during the offense
“enunciate clearly
any American will no
longer be tolerated
“madefun” of him because he is
gay and his hair is gray,
has affiliates around
the globe, women;
has allocated more
initiatives since its 1982 inception.
“There are many health
disparities, coping with life—
threatening & in our
communication with
it became redoubled
its efforts apparent
has seen an increase
in these populations “It just
seemed a natural
type of program for us
a full week’s worth of
meals every week
“We’re trying to raise awareness
about the impact and risk of
Healthy Teeth
& Gums

It was just the animals
coming out of hibernation, just
as we all are.
kind of put underneath the rug &
nothing happened.
countless firsts.
experience the multitude of ‘I
offerings want to find a way
to get the community more involved
in the zoo,’"
The zoo’s been phenomenally
responsive, flexible and attentive.
The plants are all in bloom &
You heart the world.

some people are still pinching themselves
“a non-existent
problem.” was
bogged down in the bog.
a light at the end of the tunnel is a light, no
matter how faint.
Ideas suitable for flushing.
That’s right: Texas should be next.
new broom sweeps mean.
he was no longer privy to what went
on. He wanted to install a robotic toilet
near the gay beach at a deterrent.
Robo-john as robo-cop.
Tell us what you think.
I don’t have to tell you
that a certain substance hit the fan.
At the height of the flap,
truth swirls right down the drain.
Letters may
be edited for clarity, style and space

A funny story I haven’t told before:
“It has no appeal to
me. I’m old-fashioned
when it comes to
dating. Friendship has
to happen before I get
involved with someone
romantically. And I
don’t find my friends
on the Internet. But I’m
not being judgmental.
To each his own.”

the quoted phrase a requirement
for an equal protection violation
“righteous anger
coupled with effective action.”
In the opinion, the justices
also postured
exhaustive, well-thought-out.
“All of us have made
our voices heard
we may be able to live
our happily-ever-after sooner than
we think.”
An area of main concern is rectal

The banner declared,
no one has claimed the bodies or
Absolutely no cost to
you if you qualify.
In another incident,
helping relationships and individuals
move forward
“Puppies” is a derogatory
local word
agents of immorality are
busy using all lies and deceptions
to hurt our society.

the country – will consider a
City to market
complimentary food and
New Construction
will be on hand.
Restrictions and limitations apply.

the DAY unfolds
like a challenging road that
raises the essential question:

Can we talk?

he’s interested in the complexities
I had a big life
“Normally it is either
done a lot of tortured souls
a departure
from the roles he normally takes,
I’ve enjoyed that kind of
moral ambivalence.
His use
of language is
People say what they mean.
There’s not a stray word.
‘a lean fist of a play.’
It’s exactly
what it is.
It’ll be interesting to see
what shape it takes.
It’s a whole different kind of math
to do that. They’re two different
“It’s like two sides of the same
thing,” he said. “It’s like a
different language and terms. My
job is to bring emotional honesty
to whatever the writing
offers up.

political awakening, a chance encounter
Follow what happens
by necessity and by choice
escapist theme
lives that
intertwine on
occasion. It
makes sense

Excitement for the event
has been building
for weeks
the line between life
and work begins to disappear

Simply insert your preferences
and let the program do the rest.
you locate the
hottest spots once the sun goes

the revolutionary aspects
--and there are many—have
allowed it to succeed in the
oversaturated cell phone market.

Do you collect anything?
Pigs; I’m really fond of pigs.
I remember she once
said, “I feel as if you are lay-
ing on a train track and a train
is coming and you’re not tied
down, you’re perfectly free to
get up and move and you’re not
doing it.”
who’s going to?

It was a very
warm, very friendly place and
I enjoyed it tremendously, but
I was in the process of sort-
ing out who I was at the time.
I lived two lives and they were
both good.

there is something
--something that goes into the

the image of
God. I believe we can get there.
Paradigms do shift.
There are
considerable tensions
crazy plot logic
Inspiring sight through the glory of sound
--recognize as
“They’re two completely
different, self-contained
it really required an
adjustment of mindset, sometime
almost instantaneously
‘Tell,’ and thought
They’re both concerned with how


Spit from the
as though the were an infant
rind, the pit, of a peach
to name it if we must, the elusive little
four or three, calling from woods, or
with the teeth of beautiful geese.

Make of me a beggar & I will
Chewing gum is lovely, subject or
You can use a word to.
Make of me.
Papier mâché.
Filled with glace or teeth again to chew with with
which to feed. Repetition at its
finest is chewing gum.

How comical! really, he speaks
or else his hands.
Two voices, really, listening,
or yours, straining up above the other heads.
You’re so clever!
Figure it out.
Pull a yarn or a
stitch a pair of hands up.
You have two
hands for a reason.
There must be more to this life
than this world has to offer.
Take it all
as an apostrophe.
Lift it up.

Have you noticed lately how often
the moon goes soughing across?
The sky
open as a fist to allow

Maybe if it had
all been weighted differently.
There would be a
deeper explanation.

Watch meaning as
it drifts away from you.
What it means.
Or else
all as was
still is.
How memory inhabits
or too emotional,

Notice direction of wind because it’s carrying
something in it
you need.

Shift the
car into park.
Let the river overwhelm you.

Write something more substantial.
Tell me a secret about.

I listened twice to
many strings that plucked themselves silly
or meaningless, like a metaphor.
The sot king sits
sot, hiccupping.

All these little things like contrails,
mapping out, or.
Racing, rewriting.
After all, that’s what a map
is for.

Untitled Prose Piece 3

There is no one, to knowingly unknow, or put your palm on the table, fingers pawing at the sky, lessons in fortune-telling. Or something brutal, wind changing direction, weathervanes creaking under confusion. How do you do sincerity. Keep it all or disperse it. As if your lips moved when you spoke. Ask me a pointed question. Accuse me. A spoken word is not a thing in the world. Heavy & barbarous. Snakes in boiling water. Say the word ‘serpentine’ because it suits you. I came home from work to find you sleeping on the telephone. Arithmancy is not the study of numbers or anything. Answer the telephone. Tell me something good & kind & I promise to get a pen & not upset. Feign interest in my own feelings.

Untitled Prose Piece 2

I, or he, only me again, which is always funny & very sad. Someone taking many pictures, any other day, a hawk with a pigeon in its claws, waiting to eat but for this spectacle. How interesting! he says into your red beard. Maybe it’s a metaphor & you’re the pigeon, because that would be clever!

He standing or gerundive, present to others & it really all is very relational. Make your way through it, or throw a party, make a map of it. He sitting, looking studious or drawing doodles on the margin. How many times can he say it or live through it. We are the spectators to his grand decisions. Don’t be the one to decide, be elsewhere or other times because I’ve lived it all before. Don’t you know already that these stories are like buttonholes. Don’t ask me another question. The sheer joy & panic of contemplation, or retribution. Make it a hyphen. People do interesting things all the time. How it feels to remember, an array of enzymes, furtive. Put it in a letter. I put it in a letter. How can you say that to me. Push the envelope.

My, it got cold out! Every day at the park, doing the pedestrian thing. Sing into his beard, sitting in the park. I have to be careful with my language so I use somebody else’s & we’re going to sit here until something happens. Staring into the dark mouth of the evening, wondering after effect & cause. All of this so vague & present tense. Take that however you’d like.

The role of knowledge, like a suitor or tailor, making measurements, asking how it can be so. Relevant, to ask another question. Written in small script like a riddle like a pictogram. Cover it with snow. Take it with you as you walk away. How do you carry a question, in your hands, cradled & swathed in pink fabrics or with the teeth, like steam or a bug in your mouth. I find it terribly difficult to talk about death.

If we go out walking now, the moon will just sit there. Could we ask if that were possible? Whispering the secret, sitting in the park. A different one & one, or together again. Stitched at the seam of your face in his hands just as a question on stale breath lingers in his beard. It’s a bit like someone having food on their face or in their teeth. You feel embarrassed for them but not enough of motivation to tell.

Terrorizing light & color shifts from the television. Instinct, or, at least, the thought of it. Don’t give up on me just yet, he says, wait for the next full moon, he says, let memory be what milks your future, draws it out as through a silkworm, he says, though we both know it won’t budge. The Masoretes put letters into things.

Think it through, walk against a yellow light. The pavement shudders. Or was it the sense of tension in the air, tight like a fist, what are you going to love? I’m listening, rapt at the door. Such a thing is geometric, you with your lilt & awkward nose. I always said it made you look Jewish. This is no fairy tale, writing about predation, hawks waiting to eat. Was it you told me the crackling electricity in the city is enticing? Crossing a room. I’ve no idea how it works. Or if it should.

Untitled Prose Piece 1

The face is where words come from. Such that they can never be repeated. Such that the world turns & we’re going so quickly. Such that you’re out a-walking in the premature dusk of winter. People do interesting things all the time. Make that a large. It is so adjudicated. Or, throw oneself completely into. Long in the tooth, grasping at straws. How it bleeds into you. At, to, in. You drive me there, he says a bedroom. There’s a bed or a body with no heat. Let’s not be so literal. Do it laterally; stretch the page to make a fist or your mouth to sing a song. I thought your music could do it. Make it merry & traipse so heavily. Sheets of ice on the road. I could sing out in cigarette ash, all the hymns in your book. Come up with a melody, take it under the sheets with you. I have learned to listen for the sound of his hands manipulating fabric. No sense in unknowing. The smell of smoke but let’s rest a while longer. You set yourself on fire, waiting for the bus, or walking in clothes that weren’t yours, ignited by a lie, neighbors yelling & yucking it up. In fact, I lost my appetite for fish years ago. Your hand (stops signs) a stop sign a signal –make a way through it, to let it through. Or a ticker tape parade, confetti cascades, obscures distances. How could we cross the field if it was so dark out. Just follow the path, avoid pitfalls. Who is the who saying, what? Or what? At midnight, progress slowly. In bed, hold fast to the parallax of his figure moving away.


Something of an apple blossom or dust co-mingling with breath. Underneath, a root rot. Stab it in the heart, why don’t you. Or meticulously catalogue its fibers. Breathe in, breath out. As you walk along, think of crisis or sing a jingle from the TV & all the ways of forcing a thing into the mind. At seven, have a birthday party. Golden arches. Less than simply something but not nothing, no thing. Notice the curl, the angle or angular presence of letters. Write something down. These are not directives. Whistling all the way to the bank & home again to have fast-moving hands & a violin. We could say he came back yesterday or that he never left & either case would be true. Terminals, bathrooms, walking heavy. I felt that same nagging lack, always nibbling at my ear. I left your keys in the mailbox. Going or staying? Sunlight in through on an angle, notice the dust motes, swirling. Skin cells. You left or I did, staid, stayed stationary, all would be true. Sing a jingle, play the notes out. We met over coffee with all of this capital between us. I moved but I stayed right exactly where I was if movement is emotion. You moved, that is true. Look at a tree, notice how splendid brachiation. Howler monkeys, lemurs, all mammals owe it to the wet nurse. If I said any of it, or if you did. Friendship ties one & one. Romance stitches. All is on a rhythm but not a schedule & that distinction bears all importance. Or a maple, elm touched with blight, gnarled, knotty. Bees buzzing mild winter. Everything we have only works until it doesn’t. Put down something sharp & small. Sing it out loud. Words you read are heard. Let’s make a day of it, why don’t we. All there is to say, hear said. Where one thought leads to another, a link with no connection. Foraging for berries is fun if you have no money. Or let’s talk about potable water instead. Posing for the camera, it’s all for posterity’s sake or the extension of memory. Not to be pedantic. Go ahead & try it. I saw a bird yesterday I’d never seen before, warbling at me, hesitant but trusting & that’s all there is to it. Look at it directly, all except the sun which slants now several degrees from where it was before. Dust motes caught momentarily by surprise, but not if you’re underground. Or better yet, go through the drive-thru. Step on it. He motions. He is motion. He does motion. Quick & quietly. A bramble, an underbrush. What is the name of those bugs who lay eggs in other insects? All for a feast, a rhythm. You let go of my hand because it was sweaty.