Monday, May 18, 2009


Make it
or break it How do you go about writing a life
it or living a life you don't want
vote for thrust your pelvis into the air.
efficiency of writing writing devolves the more tired you get.

Negro totem place a marker We're ready for the bonbons.
phallic image fop it to the margin Change the world as you change
buttressed in its casing just as the subject.
sausage lives with a rice queen
XYZ with your faggots Emma You've lost some
"I need a valium." couldn't weight, porkchop.
care Hat period.
Olympia Dukakis' tongue less Feed me a cheese
sub iecto TV antennae let's have sex again
(from) under to come up call my bluff
Bing or coral reef
Crosby a lot somewhere
is empty

I'll go get your poop. When did you finally decide to
Fresh-squeezed orange juice give in? Symmetry is nature
& the chance to win millions 's allusion. Lift it up
Make a fly trap & tilt it.
hang it on the wall Shift your stance & you'll see.
What are you doing in this city Pensive, naked, indulging
with its colorful edifice pitched the average baby weighs six
against a sky as obdurate as a pounds eight ounces.
walrus defending its pups? African princess.
Yes that was a question. I'm a waiter.
Sell a vitamin Wear a wineglass, spread it open.
make it look like something else.
I have to go.

Sanka or french press.
I may be pregnant.
I know.
Double breasted jacket It's a waste of time.
warmer in southern tropes Irrevocably irreparable
Capricorn speedo assailant or something comparable.
Name the nature of composition
Back pocket
there is the note I left you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It as it

A poem (to) (that) walks
on water
It as it
relates to sight, sound
makes a felt as object
but then switches.
The guide is not philosophy
It's time to begin thinking
about your retirement plan.
This book is running out
of pages.
Make is left or right.
It's as if it's as now or later,
as it's a little dream
a little smaller
it's complicated
Increased complexity in a system
need not necessitate increased complexity.
Sentence as
The poet worries about its size
but it's of average length.

Attendant to each
thought is thought
This is nothing
new as it is
under the sun.
Attached so deeply
to the image.
Enact daily rituals.
My hand. Put in a bit
of physical labor.

Use your magic wand to
walk along a grid, pud-
dles, treetops
sore muscles
all this in one day, move
forward & backward, or

Up & down, flight of
stairs is an odd
selves, too. Do
you want paper or plastic?

In Progress

                                                         An infinite logic
undiluted by form
a bit of a question left
on parched lips
From city dweller to countryman
a thousand bells
tolling bits of memory
a unique presence schemata
To make something is to give over
left with a bit of
a question

This is instinct
listen to the rain outside
or else your face split
apart entirely.
Asking why is your order
granted in the midst of this chaos.
(as a
border under pressure of doubt, as a border in question)
Then suddenly middle-aged
from end to end
veins spread thin to be so enamored
If I think views
It's never where I
'd like it to be
It's hard to conceive of this
in English borrowing from myself
the sentence setsup dynamics of power
by necessity
thirst hunger
Into that disordered
field, a word alone
is every word or
something similarly situated
This is insistent
a promise?
a negotiable suture.

or otherwise

Boxes within boxes
be that as it may
if it's it's me
then a mystical
figure or a
virtue you
've got to be
kidding me.

Another Untitled

Public, all previous
that would prohibit historic
individuals, marking
opportunities for health
& opportunities.

I'm very pleased to
make a difference
during or expression as
the event.

Testimony, a quiet
a rival was teeming,
seeking, pleaded
now in the hands
the only witness.

These things could be a lot worse.
Or the proposal that language
has upset opponents
who think much more than
mere consideration in other matters
once used to affect.
If to recollect
to mean to put
things in a place.