Monday, May 18, 2009


Make it
or break it How do you go about writing a life
it or living a life you don't want
vote for thrust your pelvis into the air.
efficiency of writing writing devolves the more tired you get.

Negro totem place a marker We're ready for the bonbons.
phallic image fop it to the margin Change the world as you change
buttressed in its casing just as the subject.
sausage lives with a rice queen
XYZ with your faggots Emma You've lost some
"I need a valium." couldn't weight, porkchop.
care Hat period.
Olympia Dukakis' tongue less Feed me a cheese
sub iecto TV antennae let's have sex again
(from) under to come up call my bluff
Bing or coral reef
Crosby a lot somewhere
is empty

I'll go get your poop. When did you finally decide to
Fresh-squeezed orange juice give in? Symmetry is nature
& the chance to win millions 's allusion. Lift it up
Make a fly trap & tilt it.
hang it on the wall Shift your stance & you'll see.
What are you doing in this city Pensive, naked, indulging
with its colorful edifice pitched the average baby weighs six
against a sky as obdurate as a pounds eight ounces.
walrus defending its pups? African princess.
Yes that was a question. I'm a waiter.
Sell a vitamin Wear a wineglass, spread it open.
make it look like something else.
I have to go.

Sanka or french press.
I may be pregnant.
I know.
Double breasted jacket It's a waste of time.
warmer in southern tropes Irrevocably irreparable
Capricorn speedo assailant or something comparable.
Name the nature of composition
Back pocket
there is the note I left you.

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