Friday, May 8, 2009

It as it

A poem (to) (that) walks
on water
It as it
relates to sight, sound
makes a felt as object
but then switches.
The guide is not philosophy
It's time to begin thinking
about your retirement plan.
This book is running out
of pages.
Make is left or right.
It's as if it's as now or later,
as it's a little dream
a little smaller
it's complicated
Increased complexity in a system
need not necessitate increased complexity.
Sentence as
The poet worries about its size
but it's of average length.

Attendant to each
thought is thought
This is nothing
new as it is
under the sun.
Attached so deeply
to the image.
Enact daily rituals.
My hand. Put in a bit
of physical labor.

Use your magic wand to
walk along a grid, pud-
dles, treetops
sore muscles
all this in one day, move
forward & backward, or

Up & down, flight of
stairs is an odd
selves, too. Do
you want paper or plastic?

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