Friday, April 24, 2009


      Thinking is the thought of what is or is thinking or just thinking, 
or make it through. The words are tied up, in syntax to make it more
or less complicated like a vine that hangs
from nowhere lowered like a
parentheses to shunt off the cold or keep in a secret, make a too many
things to say

so separate, but be discrete about it.
Hardy har har.
He runs as though he
means it. All these scattered
lines like
such as rotting strawberries
or the sky
threatening to
burst open. All color.
The milk separates the
cinnamon, sugar
spiral in a bowl.
During or because
of the event, it’s all the same.
Terrified of linearity. We thank you for your patience.
Breaking with tradition was never easy for anyone because of its sheer
volume, or the way it always seemed to trace back or retract form
repeat as it focuses the question more on specificity than a variable
or exterior. Antecedents are yarrow sticks as well.
Should we be concerned with
the way punctuation
meanders but not
here only here and not here as though
one could see it in the mind.
Suffer from. Both
hands subjected to the same
Fate. Because tomorrow
we see what you’re
made of.

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